09 Feb 2017

How to Optimize Your Ecommerce Site to Maximize the Revenue

If you desire to be a leading online retailer, your e-commerce website needs to have the capacity to perform. And the performance comes only when you optimize the site in an effective manner.

Hence, this blog gives you a few tips on optimizing your e-commerce site and beat the competition. 

  1. Start promoting special offers on multiple occasions

Occasions such as the Christmas, New Year, and other festivals are the time when people look for new products. Hence, upgrading the website content to promote your offers during these occasions can get you better revenue. Every product can be tied with one or the other festival. All you need to do is find that connection and promote your products and site on multiple platforms. 

  1. Get quality technical services

There are multiple magento ecommerce services available to help you improve the site’s performance and speed. Better site speed means more traffic, which ultimately leads to more sales. The professionals can make your website performance go to a far new level of excellence. So, do use the services. 

  1. Optimize the page weight

The page weight depends on the amount of load you have in it. For the e-commerce sites, it is usually the high-resolution images that increase the page weight. Hence, compressing the size of the images would be a better idea. You can do this to the entire site and make it easier for the users to load the site and go through the products you have in there. 

  1. Make your site secure for the users

When people come to your site to buy stuff, they need to feel comfortable while putting their important details there. This trust of security is achievable only when you have ensured the security of the platform. Make sure that the user feels safe while using your site.

Finally, add more positive reviews about the products on the pages and try to create a sense of limited availability. This will help you increase the sales and get better revenues as well.

So, keep these points in mind and grow your online business.


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04 Feb 2017

Questions You Should Ask to Launch Your Ecommerce Store on Magento

Being one of the leading platforms, Magento becomes the first priority of the businessmen, who want to jump into the online store business. However, the preparation and plan are what decide the future of your website. Hence, you need to make sure that you have the answers to all the critical questions. 

  1. Have you purchased the desired domain name for the site?

Getting the desired domain name that exactly expresses your business is a critical part. After all, the domain name is the first thing that any user sees on the search engine. Hence, you need to make sure that you got the desired domain name. Delaying this can lead you to lose the name that you want for the site. 

  1. How much money is enough for the development of Magento website?

It is important to have a clear idea about the required budget for the site development. This way, you can stay ready to invest and get a highly effective design of the site. Also, you can utilize the magento community support to ensure the quality performance and the security of your website. 

  1. Which agency is the best for the development of the site?

Having the right team by your side reduces half of the stress from your mind. However, getting the right team requires some efforts. You need to do a deep research and find out the company that suits your requirements and budget limitations. Make sure that you hire a certified company that has the proper experience of providing quality results. 

  1. Have you decided on the hosting?

Hosting is another aspect that requires an immediate, but a reliable decision. Here, you can get the help of the professionals and even search for the reviews and references online. 

  1. Have you created the content for the products?

In order to get better visibility during the initial stages, you need to get ready with the content for the products you are going to offer on the site. This way, you can get better ranks on the searches.

Keep these tips in mind and ensure an organized website.

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