16 Jan

How to Keep Your Magento E-Commerce Site Secure

The amazing functionality and the availability of regular upgrades make Magento a reliable option for the e-commerce websites. However, it is important to ensure the security of your site too.

Here, in this blog, you will find a few important tips to keep your Magento e-commerce site secure. All these tips are provided by the experts of our magento development company. 

  1. Secure with layer protection

Having a single Magento password is not enough. If you want to keep your site safe from all kinds of attacks and threats, use the layer protection options. You can easily find extensions that can provide multi-layer authentication for your site. These extensions usually allow only limited access to the Magento backend, which ensures the safety of your site. 

  1. Customize the login page address

Using the general address for the admin panel can make it easy for the hackers to reach the login page. Hence, you need to customize this address in order to save the site. Customizing with some unique name can restrict the hackers from attacking your site. 

  1. Don’t leave the FTP password unprotected

Most hackers try to guess the FTP password in order to reach a site. Hence, it is important that you make sure that your FTP or File Transfer Protocol password is safe. Here you can go for the SFTP, which is the Secured File Transfer Protocol. This makes your FTP highly secured with the use of a private key file for decryption. 

  1. Keep a backup

A backup plan is as essential as the other steps. When you have downloadable backups and a plan ready for complicated security issues, it becomes easier to handle. Hence, you need to make an active backup plan for the security of the site and be ready for the situations like hacking, crash, and others. This way, you can minimize the loss in the case of any problem and get most of your data back.

Finally, it would be a wise move to consult professionals in order to achieve a secure environment for your e-store site.


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