E-mail Marketing

More sales, better branding with email marketing!

Email marketing extends beyond finding targeted audiences. Get our experts onboard to feel the difference

“Promote your business, without selling hard”


Start with targeted campaigns

Let the experts of our team classify e-mail marketing campaigns for your business, with a focus on targeted audience.

Affordable solutions for all

Don’t overdo your budget, because we offersolutions that are tailored for your needs and pre-decided cost.

Tailor your efforts

We can help you in defining the objectives of your campaign, with clear attention to budget and business objectives.

Incredible assistance assured

Our customer assistance team for email marketing campaigns is available for all days of the week.

More leads assured

With email marketing experts of our team, you are not merely getting lists, but genuine leads worth pushing

Regular reports

Don’t just estimate your efforts, for we have real reports to scale your growth, success, and overall returns on investment.

Email marketing efforts that count- Get your campaign now!

Gone are times when email marketing would mean sending long list of emails. Today, it is all about planning the right kind of content and targeting the right audience. At ATRIX, we are committed to offer genuine assistance for all kinds of email marketing campaigns, with focus on scalability, budget and specific marketing goals. Our marketing experts are known for their experience and expertise, and we can help in designing a project that would measure your growth with every passion month. Instead of bulk emails, we focus on actual segment audience to get the exact results needed.

Our Customers Feedback

We’d got our business up and running and needed a website. I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy. We just supplied Atrix with the relevant basic information and they took it from there. As a small local business, it’s really made a difference to our turnover and we have more customers.

– James & Trina

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