What Is GPS & How GPS Customer Service Work?

GPS Customer Support is a known multinational GPS Technology Development Company. Established in 1989 from Lenexa, the company was founded by Minkao and Garry Burrell. Previously, GPS Customer Support was known as ProNav and is now established in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The company now offers support in GPS customer service.

GPS Customer Support is involved in the production of diverse GPS devices, intended for industries like Automotive, Aviation, Outdoor, Marine and Sports.

We are now in competition with brands like Apple and FitBit in producing devices focused on wearable technology. One of our very famed and liked products is the Hand Held GPS Unit, which works a tracking device and is used extensively in Airplanes, Additionally, Helicopters and Pilots to navigate from source to various known and unknown destinations. Many pilots and captains around the world have hailed our product as a true friend for navigation.

Incredible Advantages Of Choosing GPS

GPS has many tested and proven benefits over other tracking devices. Some of the salient features include –

  • Multi-touch screen
  • Routes within structures
  • Takes physical directions
  • Foursquare information
  • Add junction photos
  • Exclusive three-dimensional lane guidance for Prestige Series

We would like to add here that the Prestige Series includes a special chargeable magnetic mount, which attaches to the dashboard or window as required without any safety concerns and is simple to separate. With the charger and mount, the unit can be kept in the position and plugged in, when without being reliant on GPS.

Other Features Include

  • Capacitor Screen for Pinch and Zoom control
  • Get three-dimensional maps of signals, landmarks, and structures
  • Direct access for sites like a gate at Aviation center
  • Included safety measures
  • Ability to see road junction for preventing road accidents

Compatibility To Setup Alexa App

GPS Customer Service And Technical Support Contact Team

The Hand Held GPS Unit from GPS Customer Support has been hailed as the most trusted and reliable companion for sailors and pilots around the globe. However, as with any technical device and product, there is always a chance of facing an error, most of which is often related to navigation issues and updates. Besides it’s globally famed devices, GPS Customer Support is also known for its Technical Support Contact Team, which strives to offer all possible tech solutions for GPS devices produced by the company. We offer phone support, where our technical experts can offer verbal solutions and suggest solutions, while we also offer remote computer access support, after the user has offered authorization and permission for the same

If you have tried all sorts of non-technical platforms and services that have wasted your money, time and resources, contact GPS Technical Support Contact Team immediately. We have trained, experienced and reliable tech support team members, who are always accessible and believe in offering assistance immediately with your GPS device. As long as it’s not a hardware related issues, we are around to help.

Please note that tech support is offered for a small fee, and we do not charge our customers for anything except the nominal charge.

Common Tech Problems With GPS

GPS fails to unlock. This can be related to an update, where the GPS device might not be capable of unlocking or verifying maps.

  • Live Track issues. In case your GPS device has LiveTrack issues, contact GPS Connect immediately for quick assistance.
  • Location problems. It can happen that the GPS device fails to show the exact location, which can cause issues in tracking GPS signal.
  • Charging issues. While GPS devices are designed to run for about 12 hours on a full charge, the battery can drain out in some cases in just three to four hours.
  • Failure to turn on the device. In case the device doesn’t turn on, this can be related to the hardware and pilots and sailors have no choice but to wait for the GPS device to be checked by an expert.
  • Screen issues. It is possible to find single and blank lines on the GPS screen.
  • Syncing issues. In rare cases, the GPS device may not sync with the iPhone device, which can cause a lot of problems for the users.
  • Registration issues. GPS must be registered with us via an online procedure, but if that doesn’t happen, please get in touch with our contact team, who will guide on the process.

For GPS update and other things, please call on the toll-free number. We are here to offer complete assistance on any aspect that may help in the better use of our products.

Overview Of Common Problems With GPS

GPS devices are known for performance, effectiveness, and assured usage, and over the years, we have managed to remain a pioneer in the industry. However, as with any technical device, GPS devices are also prone to certain technical issues. With a skilled team of technical experts, we intend to resolve and fix most problems easily.

Here’s A Quick Overview Of Common Tech Problems That Users Have Reported With GPS.

  • GPS update issues. GPS may have an issue or two with unlocking and verifying maps. This technical failure is often related to updates, especially when updates are not done or completed as expected.
  • Live Track issues. Your device may fail to work as expected and may show Livetrack problems. To resolve the issue, please instruct your captains and pilots to contact us immediately via GPS connect.
  • Location Problem. In case the GPS device cannot show the accurate location, it is typically related to difficulties in tracking GPS signal.
  • Charging issues. Once fully charged, GPS devices can work consistently for more than 12 hours. However, there can be charging issues in rare cases, which may cause the battery to drain in around 3-4 hours.
  • GPS fails to turn on. If the GPS device will not turn on, as usual, there isn’t much that can be done remotely. In such cases, pilots and captains may have to wait for help before the device is checked by an expert.
  • Screen issues. Your device can have screen issues, which includes a blank screen or single lines on the GPS screen.
  • Device not syncing with iPhone. Although rare, users can have some problems in syncing data and information with iPhone, which can affect users.
  • Registration issues. The GPS device must be registered with using an online procedure. If the user has a problem with the same, they can contact the customer support team for help with the registration process.

For any other concern or issue with GPS devices, please feel free to write to us and we will try and resolve the problem via remote technical support when possible.

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